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Aug 12, 2023 - Sep 9, 2023

Awakening to Power Live Study Course

  • 29Days
  • 31Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


What to Expect: Week 1: Foundations of BDSM and Consent Understand the philosophy and ethics of BDSM, emphasizing respect and trust. Learn the art of consent, negotiation, and establishing healthy boundaries. Explore BDSM Archetypes to develop your own persona. Week 2: Emotional Intimacy and Connection Explore the significance of emotional intimacy in BDSM relationships. Learn communication techniques to deepen connections with your partner. Pull from your own skills and interests, shadows, and culture to continue developing your persona. Week 3: Psychological Domination and Topping Skills Discover the power of the mind in BDSM dynamics and psychological domination. Develop practical topping skills in bondage, sensation play, and impact play. Create a myth about your BDSM Persona Week 4: Rituals, Sacred Play, and Reflection Embrace sacred elements and rituals to enhance your BDSM scenes. Reflect on your personal growth and spiritual journey throughout the training. Create a ritual to fully embody your BDSM Persona

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