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"The lotus is my awakening soul. The rope represents discipline and ordeal, through which, the rays of my consciousness expand."

Divine Rae

Our Mission

To provide safe spaces for the exploration, practice, and mastery of

self through BDSM and other sacred sex practices. To provide tools to

empower all those who seek to live T/their fully expressed and

liberated S/selves.

We are home to students, teachers, coaches, Deities/devotees,

Masters/slaves, Dominants/submissives, Bigs/littles, Owners/pets,

Tops/bottoms, S/switches and all in between who resonate with our

vibrational frequency.

House Values​

House of Rae core values include spiritual development, self mastery, honor, community, accountability, education, support, and love of all souls as divine expressions of the One Creative Source Energy

Self Mastery

W/we honor the Masters that came before us, and strive to follow in their footsteps. W/we dedicate O/our lives to the discovery and integration of O/our full, true, and authentic S/selves. W/we are not defined by O/our connections to others, but are empowered through those connections to chisel O/ourselves into O/our greatest expression of The Divine Source.

R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink):

W/we often engage in exploration and discovery that is inherently unsafe. Understanding and valuing free will, W/we educate and inform O/ourselves to empower U/us all to make choices that are within O/our individual risk tolerance threshold.

We are welcoming to those who wish to be of service to T/themselves, a F/family and to grow with full support of people who live a BDSM lifestyle. We gather online, in person, and have room for all backgrounds, genders, orientations abilities, and neuro-diversities. 

What we hope to magnetize in members

Seekers of self at any stage in their spiritual and sexual liberation journey. Open minded students of the universe with a desire to be in community, learn, and share.

Joining the House of Rae Community

 Join a growing group of kinky students, sacred sex practitioners, and BDSM explorers.

Member Benefits

  • Access to monthly members only house workshops, retreats, classes, and other events at a discounted rate.

  • Discounted coaching and mentorship services

  • Free and discounted House Swag

  • Priority access to content

  • Support for individual projects (in alignment with House values)

  • More as we define our goals as a house

Member Responsibilities 

  • Be committed to ethical BDSM and Sacred Sex practices

  • Learn the house culture and members

  • Engage in continuous skill building and education with the house and solo

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