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Into the Abyss: Shadow Integration Challenge

  • 30Days
  • 33Steps


Join us as we traverse "Into the Abyss," for a transformative 30-day challenge that guides you through the depths of self-discovery and integration. This challenge combines shadow work, mindfulness, creative expression, and a supportive community to promote personal growth. Overview: 30-day challenge rooted in shadow work, inspired by Carl Jung's teachings. Explore hidden aspects of yourself and learn to accept your shadow self with compassion and understanding. Highlights: - Week 1: Self-exploration and awareness, identifying patterns and triggers. - Week 2: Embracing the shadow with self-compassion and creative expression. - Week 3: Healing and integration, mindfulness, and forgiveness practices. - Week 4: Moving forward, setting intentions for continued growth. Event Structure: Online platform with daily emails, reflection prompts, and access to resources. Private community for sharing experiences and optional live webinars with facilitators. Benefits: - Heightened self-awareness and emotional intelligence. - Increased self-compassion and acceptance. - Improved mental and emotional well-being. Who Should Attend: Open to all seeking self-awareness and personal growth, whether new to shadow work or experienced.

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