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Welcome Coaches & Educators! 

Teach at Divine Kink Academy

Are you an expert in the realms of metaphysics, sacred sexuality, kink, or BDSM? Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and empowering others on their journey of exploration and self-discovery? Join us at Divine Kink Academy and become a valued member of our instructor and coaching team.

Why Teach with Us?

- Impact: Empower individuals to explore their desires, deepen their connections, and embrace their authentic selves through education and self-discovery.
- Compensation: Earn competitive compensation for your courses and coaching services, with a fair and transparent profit-sharing model.

- Brand Recognition: Showcase your expertise and build your brand as a trusted authority in the field of kink and BDSM. Gain exposure to our dedicated audience of learners seeking high-quality educational content.

- Support: Receive guidance, assistance, and ongoing training opportunities to enhance your teaching and coaching skills. Benefit from our collaborative and supportive community of instructors and coaches committed to excellence.


How to Sign Up:

1. Submit Your Application: Share your credentials, expertise, and course/coaching ideas with us through the form below.
2. Review Process: Our team will review your application and reach out to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

3. Start!: Once approved, you'll gain access to our platform and resources to start creating and sharing your courses or coaching services with our community.

Join us in empowering others through education and self-discovery. 


1. Experience or Credentials: 
   - Demonstrated expertise in the field of sacred sexuality, kink, BDSM, or related areas. We are more interested in lived experience than theory. .
   - Relevant professional qualifications, certifications, or credentials where necessary. Degrees are not required unless you would like to offer therapy or counseling services. 

2. Instructor Experience/Willingness to learn:
   - Experience in instructing, coaching, or facilitating educational workshops or courses is a plus. We are willing to help new instructors develop this skill! This may mean shadowing other coaches or instructors to get a feel for the process. Contact us to find out more! 
   - Ability to effectively communicate concepts and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. We are helping people with profound self-realization. We want to know you care! 

3. Alignment with Values:
   - Alignment with the mission, vision, and values of Divine Kink Academy, including a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. 
   - Respect for ethical and consensual principles and practices within the realm of kink and BDSM, and spirituality.

4. Professionalism:
   - Professional demeanor and conduct in all interactions with students, colleagues, and staff. We're looking for collaboration, not competition! 
   - Compliance with relevant legal and ethical standards in instructing and coaching.

5. Feedback and Reviews:
   - Positive feedback and reviews from previous students, clients, or colleagues.(references on your personal and professional interactions for new instructors and coaches)
   - Demonstrated ability to effectively engage and support learners in their educational journey.

6. Course or Coaching Content:
   - Quality and relevance of proposed course or coaching content to the needs and interests of the Divine Kink Academy community. (Metaphysics, Sacred Sexuality, BDSM/Kink, Spirituality)
   - Alignment with educational objectives and standards set by Divine Kink Academy.

7. Self Reporting with Honesty

    -while we believe in restorative practices, we want to ensure our coaches are eligible to work with protected and marginalized groups.

8. Commitment and Availability:
   - Availability to commit to the teaching/coaching responsibilities and schedule agreed upon with Divine Kink Academy.
   - Commitment to ongoing professional development and improvement as an instructor or coach.

These requirements help ensure that instructors and coaches at Divine Kink Academy possess the necessary expertise, professionalism, and commitment to provide high-quality educational experiences and support to our growing community of learners.

Instructor & Coach Interest Form
Letter of Rec or Reference

Thank you! Our team is reviewing your information and will be in touch with your via email with next steps.

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